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If you love drawing, and you love learning about art, you'll love ilovedrawing. Offering a whole lot more than your average drawing class.

Important! Only selected online classes are available until social distancing restrictions have lifted. Please check timetable.

Inspirational drawing classes, Marrickville, Sydney | est 2005

Seasoned visual arts lecturer and artist Elena Lolly Rados delivers a fun, unique blend of art theory + practical drawing classes for adults. Lessons are carefully crafted to improve your drawing skills and understanding of art history.

1:1 expert artist tuition

Drawing from personal insights of the creative process and its link to contemplative / mindfulness studies, yoga and the right brain hemisphere, Lolly confidently encourages students to open up to new possibilities.

"I teach people how to see and express themselves in a new way, and tap into their creativity by making a shift to the right side of the brain. It's transformational."

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To understand the difference between the functions of Right and Left brain, watch this inspirational TED talk by neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor.

ilovedrawing drawing lessons sydney

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