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build your drawing kit

ilovedrawing drawing classes kit

Wondering what materials to include in your drawingkit? Consider these options...

The more materials you have in your drawing kit, the more opportunity you will have to explore and experience different mediums. Some materials from the list belowmay be available to share, subject to availability.

  • willow charcoal
  • compressed charcoal - soft, medium and hard
  • soft pastels
    • coloured e.g. set of primary, secondary, and tertiary colours
    • earth tones e.g. black, grey, white, sienna, burnt sienna, umber, burnt umber, indian red, sanguine, madder brown, van dyke brown, yellow ochre,
    • portrait colours
  • medium or hard pastels e.g. square pastels made of pure pigments such as sets by Daler-Rowney or Faber-Castell Polychromos can be used to produce broad, flat areas of colour and detailed line work
  • crayons
  • oil pastels
  • graphite pencils ranging from 2b -12b (12b gives the darkest tone)
  • an assortment of drawing pencils perfect for portraits, sketching, landscapes e.g. Conté Sketching Pencils, or Lyra Rembrandt Art Specials set which contains chalk, charcoal, and carbon in colours that include sepia, black, white, and shades of brown.
  • woodless coloured pencils
  • water soluble pencils
  • graphite sticks - ranging from 2b-12b
  • water soluble graphite
  • kneadable eraser - perfect for charcoal and fine details
  • paper stumps (tortillons) for blending - small, med, large
  • plastic erasers - keep some whole, and cut some into wedges for fine detail
  • gum eraser
  • craft knife to sharpen pencils
  • scraps of canvas or calico for cleaning the surface of hard erasers
  • fixative spray for charcoal and pastels. "Workable Matt" is recommended.

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